Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Bride to Be was Celebrated...

 I simply loved every moment of celebrating my sweet sister… This was the highlight of my January… She came into town the weekend of her 30th birthday, so we got to celebrate her upcoming wedding and her birthday… I am so glad that we were able to do this right before we found out about Jesse! 

I just love imagining and decorating and got to have the help of my mom, Cristina Elbert and Vinci Ricchiuti… great team I must say!

 Grandma Bieber even drove up from Loma Linda!
 Becci, Cristina and Tessa, Lauren and me
 Cristina, Vinci, Lauren and me...
 Darlene and Vinci
 Darlene and the Bride...
 Favorite girls...
 Lauren and grandma and grandpa Hanson

 Lauren and Noelle O'Brien
 Lauren and DJ… 

 the shoes...

 Lauren and Renee Beggs
 Cristian, Cameron, Lauren and Noelle

So excited for 2/22/14!!!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Christmas Christmas...

 How do you classify Christmas festivities… Day 1, Day 2… well, we are just shoving it all into one post… So here are some FUN, FUN times  we had this year!

First, we had a crazy gingerbread contest… check it out on FB: Gingerbread Contest

This is the 2nd annual Penner kids performance… we had wiremen, angels, Mary and Joseph… it was a wonderful performance!  
 Followed by caroling… our family has been extremely blessed by carolers in the past.  We have caroled every year that I have been around… one year our Aunt Rose was very sick and the entire choir of people came to sing to the family.   It was a beautiful thing and we love continuing to share with other people who would be blessed by it!

 The annual kids picture… we are going to need a bigger couch!!!
 The next day we went bowling with the entire family… both sides!

This is great grandpa Bieber helping Jed bowl.
 Some daddy-daughter love.
 Lauren… some things never change… she has been bowling like this since we were kids… makes me smile. 
 All my sisters...
 The Bieber side:
 The Penner side:
 Jed and Papa having a blast bowling.
 Fun with cousins.
 Lauren, her fiance DJ (left) and their friend Kris who came up to join us for the fun.
 Back at the house, Great Grandma and Riley… 
 The next day we went out and played some basketball at a park… Riley got into it!
 The boys playing...
 We made yummy green protein shakes every morning, Riley was digging it.
 On the 24th one of our favorite traditions is going to People's church for their Christmas performance.  Aunt Rose use to sing in the choir at the performance… it brings back such great memories of her and is a great time to honor Jesus and celebrate His birth.

Riley's hat is too cute… Rudolph with a bow...  

 Austin was superman...
 Jed and Austin had such a great week together… they are besties.
 More Christmas morning… 
 Oma gave Riley a sweet kiss… and left a little love behind :)